Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Update

Wow, long time, no post.  I haven't been feeling bloggish larely, or sewish for that matter.  Or much of anything except play-in-the-dirtish, but I think after this past weekend, I've recovered somewhat. And maybe in a few days I'll get the dirt out from under my fingernails.

This past weekend was a double holiday - Easter (which I can pretty much take or leave) and Mario's birthday (which must be celebrated with all due ceremony, and plenty of wine and food).  Friday night was the opening of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead at the local theater - great fun and my costume looked really good onstage.  There was a first night party after that, and an after-party once the restaurant threw us all out.

After spending much of Saturday outside, we came in, scrubbed up and headed for NJ to have dinner with his family.  Since we were running early, he suggested we stop in the Tractor Supply store near his mom's house and look around.  They had baby chicks!  And not just because of Easter!  Leaving aside the visual of me traipsing around the Tractor Supply wearing my face-printed cowl neck dress and heels, I had a great time.  And next year, there will be chickens.

Sunday was almost completely spent outside.  Last week I had 2 rain barrels delivered.  I get a lot of overflow off the gutters of my large flat roof, and normally I just put buckets under the drip line and use that water for the vegetables.  But when it's rainy (as it has been) I run out of bucket storage.  Two 55-gallon barrels will solve that problem, and hopefully, I won't need to use the hose all summer long. 

Once that was done, it was time for dinner.  Seared duck breast with a sauce of port and dried cherries, a bucket of steamed asparagus and a salad.  And wine, of course.  Yum, if I do say so myself.  And the birthday boy did the dishes.

Not Max's best angle
 But enough of home and the homestead.  You come here for the sewing - of which there was none this weekend, but I did cut out a new project tonight.  Not the leather jacket, not something new to wear to Chicago.  When I bought my lining fabric at Karlin's this past week I also saw a black and white print that I thought would be perfect for a shirt for Mario.  I didn't buy it right away, and had to run back down on Friday after work. 

Yes, those are numbers all over the fabric.  In addition to being a news junkie, he's also a stock junkie.  So what could be better?  He approved the fabric when it came home, and even asked if the topstitching and buttonholes could be white instead of black because he didn't want the visible contrast to interfere with the print.  I cut the fabric out tonight, ran him sample buttonholes in both colors, so he could make sure, and then I stopped.  Work was exhausting today and I didn't want to screw up a project I could probably sew in my sleep by sewing when I was almost sleepwalking.

Shirt will be done by Wednesday.  In the meantime, happy spring, folks - the sun finally came out!

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