Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ever have one of those days?

I had a nice, relaxing Sunday planned.  Mario got up early to go see his family, and I was going to sleep in, with the air conditioner (it's still 90+ in the a.m.), hang out with the cats, take myself to breakfast, and maybe get a little sewing done.

He left at 9:00 a.m., and I rolled over.  Not 5 minutes later, a high-pitched beep shatters the quiet.  Followed by another one.  Smoke detector battery?  Which one?  I get up, stand in the hall.  Not the one by my bedroom.  I go upstairs.  Not there.  Downstairs and to the hall by the kitchen.  I take the smoke detector down - and the carbon monoxide detector next to it goes off. Beep! 

By the time I've found the instruction manual, it's beeped another half dozen times, freaking out all the cats and not doing much for me, either.  Turns out obnoxious beeping every 30 seconds isn't imminent death from CO poisoning, it's just . . . low battery. Of course I have no spare batteries, because those were only 2 months old.

Back to bed.  Except by then the cats are all awake and demanding food and water and litter changes, so I do that, then go back upstairs.  Decide to stop in the bathroom, where the toilet begins to run - before I've gotten anywhere near it.  Just like the downstairs one yesterday.  

A few minutes later, I hear another sound.  An alarm, but not smoke or carbon monoxide.  I get up.  I listen.  It's upstairs.  I go up and it's coming from my housemate's apartment.  I bang on her door a couple of times.  Nothing.  I let myself in, and track the alarm back to her bedroom.  Her alarm clock is on the bedside table, going off full blast, and she's sleeping the sleep of the innocent, right next to it.  Her cat is freaking out.  I shut off the alarm and poke her to make sure she's still breathing.  Yep.  I've known her for 20+ years and I always thought you could march a brass band past her bed and not wake her up.  I think this proves me right.

I give up on sleep.  I look out the window and inspect my yellow, thirsty plants.  Watering them isn't giving them what they need; they need rain, and so do I.  Anything to cool it down.  I didn't know what 103 felt like, and now that I do, I see no need to feel it again.

It's not even 11:30.  I could still sew.  But the way things are going so far today, I'm afraid the machine might blow up. 

Anybody know how to un-jinx my Sunday?


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

A book...the sunday the internet...something low tech so that once everything has settled in your household you can fire up your sewing machines!

Peggy's Closet said...

I hope your day gets LOTS better--and cooler!

Tina said...

Bad things always happens in threes. You have had the CO detector, running toilet and then the alarm. See, there are all three bad things. You should be good for the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughter you provoked in me, sorry! Hope your gremlins leave swiftly. Laura UK

Lisette M said...

Go out to a cafe, hopefully with a/c, have a cup of coffee. Return home and head for the sewing machine. =-)

annie said...

Well my theory is to get it all over at once rather than drag it over several days. One bad day I can deal with, sort of.