Friday, July 1, 2011

A little good news

Wednesday evening, I got off the train and started slowly down Farragut Street, looking on porches, under shrubs and cars, for the elusive Sophia.  I hadn't seen her since Monday night, when I scared off some kids who were throwing things at her.  She ran across the street - in between cars, giving me heart failure - and to safety.  Can't say as much for the kids by the time I got done with them.

By the time I got midway down the next block, I was about to give up.  Sophia had vanished.  And then I saw it . . . a tail, slinking around a bush.  Then out she came, straight into the middle of the sidewalk and sat down.  I started to walk faster,  wanting to catch her before she got away.  And I almost tripped over someone - a 20-something woman who was crawling out from between cars, with a cat carrier in her hands.

Wait a second.  Sophia, have you been unfaithful?  Are you leading someone else on?


The woman is a volunteer with a local cat rescue group, and she'd been seeing Sophia after work on a regular basis too.  Even though they have no more foster space, she decided to grab her.  I told her that I'd had my eye on Sophia and that I had someone lined up who would probably be able to take her.  She thought that was lovely, but she wasn't giving up the cat.

Insert ridiculousness here: "I've been looking for her."  "So have I."  "I've got someone who wants her."  "I don't, but I can get our vet to look her over and give her the shots she needs."  "So can I, and you don't have space for her."  "No," she said, pausing for effect, "but I have the carrier." 

Point taken.  We settled, finally, on her taking my name and number - and the cat - to get her checked out.  I confirmed on Thursday that I do still probably have a home for her (not including mine) and then I emailed the folks at the rescue group, who I've met before, to let them know I have a claim on Sophia and that I'll foster her at my house.  If my person comes through, then fine, and if not, they can send potential adoptive parents to me to check out. 

I do have to say it says something about the neighborhood that I live in that two relatively civilized women nearly came to blows over who was going to get to rescue a stray cat. 

And as Mario reminded me, the important thing is that Sophia is off the street and safe, and will be well housed and loved somewhere.  Whether or not I'm the one who managed to achieve it is less important in the long run. 


Ann Made Studio said...

Great ending for Sohia :))

Kyle said...

Awww! Sophia is going to be just fine with such kind souls looking out for her.

Sarah C said...

Good to hear that she will be well cared for either way. I have 2 cats, both rescued, and every time I go to Petsmart I want to take another home.

Unknown said...

I have to admit, this is one of the most wonderful things that I have read in the past week. Everyone's sewing progress is great, but this story is just priceless. I'm so glad that this little kitty is going to end up somewhere nice. ^_^

Sewingelle said...

*big smiley face*.
Thanks for the good news and the chuckle!