Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Thousand Words

The scrap hamper
For anyone who thought I was exaggerating about the state of the room, here's proof positive of what's in there.

There are actually worse bits, but I can't maneuver sufficiently to get a photo. 

And did I clean up tonight?  No, I did not.

Floor alongside sewing table
What did I do instead of cleaning my workroom? I made applesauce.  And when that seemed like it might end soon enough to send me upstairs, I roasted a butternut squash and some golden beets for tomorrow's dinner, scooped the squash guts, peeled and sliced the beets, then voluntarily did the dishes.  Rather than go upstairs. 

I haven't gone into it, but my house gave me grief for Christmas, along with an obscene and still-to-come plumbing bill. 

Have I ever mentioned that my house is a vindictive, ungrateful pile of bricks?  Well, she is.  And if she doesn't knock this crap off, I may never clean my workroom again.  Serves her right.


MySummerTouch said...

Ha ha ! very funny! I overwhelmed by scraps also.I will sew them in 10 days after New Year - holidays that Russia has. And then get rid of what I didn't use. Do you use your scraps? Just get rid of them.

SewRuthie said...

Well hey at least you have food to eat right? My room doesn't look that bad, though it could do with improvement!

Summer Flies said...

My room looks the same, I have loads of paper work to catch up on, my garden is a wreck and I am scraping down my bedroom to paint so all I can say is "don't feel special!" LOL!

patti said...

My sewing 'stuff' is currently spread over 2 rooms(guest room and dining room). I'd say my space looks like the mating between a hoarder and a hurricane. My project when I get home from our travels.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Okay you are going to have to get over this...because what are you going to do when the urge to sew strikes you again? I'm sorry but I'm going to be stern here...go upstairs and clean your room!

Kathi Rank said...

I'm with Carolyn --- just get after it. Chant the mantra "throw it away and it will set you free" as you plow through the piles. When your sewing mojo kicks into high gear you need to be ready. Good luck, a days work today will set your course in the sewing room for 2012.