Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland

This was the home dec fabric I bought at Jack B's at the Philadelphia PR Day in November. I didn't know quite what it wanted to be, I just knew I had to have it. I love the cold and wintry feel of the bare branches, and the spare colors.

Interestingly, there was a colorway with a green background and more color, and it left me completely cold. And I normally love greens. But it was the mood of this fabric that got me, and it still does.

Not sure yet if it wants to be a dress or a skirt. There's 1.5 yards of it, and it's home dec width, so at least that means I've got a good bit of it to play with.

Any suggestions?


SewingElle said...

I love that fabric. I think I would find it very hard to decide too, but I'd probably lean towards a skirt. I'm thinking A-line with a turtleneck and dark boots.
But, hey, its summer here, so I've really got no idea... not for my own eave increasing stash either.

Elaray said...

My first thought was a vest. Do people still wear vests or am I stuck in the 80s?

TE said...

Elaray, I wear vests all the time. (if you'd like the pattern I pulled from my favorite vest ever - suede, finally too icky to clean - leave another comment and I'll share.)

However, I see this as a boat necked sheath dress. Could have a sparkly cardigan over it for winter, or as is for late spring.

The mood of the fabric is fabulous - let that carry the day.