Saturday, March 10, 2012

Archie Update

Hey, Archie here.  I took the 'puter away from mom to thank everybody for their good wishes and crossed paws for my bellyache.

I's better, but I really wish mom would stop chasing me around the house, trying to shove medicine down my throat and putting ointment on my monkey-butt.  (I haz monkey butt, it's embarrassing and it's sore and what she's doing makes it feel better but I hates it). 

She says I'll feel better soon, my insides are sparkling clean and my outsides will look better in a week or two. 

And she says I'll be smaller, too, because the doctor lady said I was fat!  Can you believes it?

I's really hungry because she's cut down my dry crunchies.  But yay, she's now giving me lots more wet food, even though I think she might be sneaking some of that medicine in there too.

That's okay.  If I eats it fast enough, I don't taste it anyway. 


T. Sedai said...

Yay! Good news. Be a good kitty and take your medicine, even if it is yucky.

KC said...

If I could be bothered to wake up from snoozing on KC's lap I'd congratulate you on your recovery.
KC's Cat

Rosie said...

Archie, I'm very happy that you are generally okay. Take your Rx and the monkey butt will be history!

Jodie said...

Hey Archie:
Good to hear from you. My dog Dinah every so often has something like monkey butt (she's a dog, so I don't know if it's the same), she doesn't like her meds either, but sometimes there's treats involved.
Stay well and update us soon!

Janet said...

Glad to hear you are on your way to feeling great.

lsaspacey said...

OMG, that is a C U T E cat! Definitely snuggly looking. Glad he's feeling much better. Tell him that right now there's just more of him to love!

Marjie said...

Doctor Ladies are big on handing out insults. My daughters took our dog to a Fat Man Doctor, who said Thor was fat. The girls chorused at him, "No, he's not! You're fat!" Thor never went back there. Then he went to a Doctor Lady who was also fat, and said Thor was perfect, if maybe a trifle pudgy. Thor could handle being pudgy just fine. Glad you're feeling better (or will be, if you take your medicine like a good boy).

mrsmole said...

Archie, ask your mom for some catnip to help you recover faster and keep your mind off munchies. She could also throw in some new toys and some extra brushing...hey work it for a while!

TE said...

Phew. My kitties will be glad to hear it. From another eccentric seamstress cat momma who gardens.