Sunday, March 18, 2012

VPLL 0191 Blouse - Middles

I'm really surprised I got this much done on the blouse - sewing really goes all to hell when garden season begins.  I spent all day out there yesterday, and today until dinnertime.  But I was sewing in my head the entire time and this is the result so far.

I decided after I cut the satin trim that the color match wasn't really as good as I originally thought it was.  But I don't have anything else on hand that would work, so I made it work.  I found a chunk of lace in the remnant bin and basted it over the satin.  First off, it dulled the shine, which was a little too much, and it also added some texture and brought the color a little more in line with what I wanted it to be.  I think it's a little closer than the photos show, but I can't tweak the colors together so that they work.  But they do.  Well enough.

You can see in the one photo the invisible zipper I installed in the left side seam so that my friend can get in and out of this blouse on her own.  I think once the blouse is finished and hemmed the zip will barely be noticeable. 

Next up: making many, many yards of bias trim for around the collar and the sleeve hems.  Many, many yards.

I cut out the lining per the pattern, but I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to use it.  I could still install it just fine at this point, but I think the silk is actually heavy enough to not be transparent, and she could get away perfectly well wearing a camisole underneath. 

I think all will depend on how long it takes to make and attach the bias trim.


Claire S. said...

I love watching your projects take shape !

I don't know how you do your bias trim but maybe this will help you. Diana has lots of tutorials on her site and this looked very interesting.

Rose said...

Looking good!