Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Too many projects

Right now I'm suffering from an overabundance of sewing projects. 

I handed off the pirate shirt to the costumer and she asked me if I could manage to make a second one by the weekend.  I can . . . but I'd rather sew for me.

I want to finish my poppy dress, which I'm really excited about.  Since spring won't stay sprung, I want another pair of work pants, and there's some charcoal gray RPL on the work table just waiting to be cut up.  (Plus I have a skirt idea marinating that would use up every scrap of the leftover fabric - how economical). 

And I just received the 0189 Mantle from the 1912 Project, and I'm surprisingly into that pattern.  I found two perfect fabrics for it, an embroidered/sequined brown crinkled taffeta-ish fabric from our Paris vacation in 2008 and a coordinating copper fabric for the trim and the lining.  I'd like to start working on it yesterday, because this is something that doesn't even need updating - I can see wearing that jacket, as drafted, in a variety of ways.  And it's 2 whole pattern pieces - a front/sleeve/back combo (cut 2) and an underarm gusset. 

Bottom left - the poppy dress!
 I took the second costume pattern to work today, and got the pieces cut out at lunch (different but similar pattern).  I was going to cut the fabric tonight, really, I was.  It's the poppies' fault, they called to me with their poppyish siren song and I looked up from my machine a few hours later to think, "Pirate shirt?  Ivory poly satin?  Was there something I was supposed to do tonight?"

Maybe I'll take the fabric and some pins to work tomorrow and I'll cut fabric on the conference room table.  Most of them already think I'm crazy; I may as well convince them once and for all.


Lisette M said...

"Most of them them think I'm crazy..." You made me laugh out loud!

Those poppies would be calling me too, just saying

Unknown said...

What lovely, lovely fabric... be selfish and get a 'you' project done :D

Nancy K said...

LOL. Crazy huh?

T. Sedai said...

All of your projects sound awesome! I am a bit in the same boat right now... I have about 8-10 skating costumes and 2 western horse show shirts I am supposed to make. Usually I just sew 2 skating costumes for me each year at this time, but this year I have a lot of sewing for others to do. Which was sort of exciting when I first got asked to do it, but now it feels like I have a bit much on my plate, and I know I won't be doing any me sewing until summer. My stash pile is large and not getting cut into and that makes me sad.

Also, I TOTALLY wish I had the guts to take fabric into work and use the conference table for cutting... that would be awesome!

Journeyin' Lady... said...

Wow! You are not kidding - you have a lot of projects brewing in your head and worktable!! The Poppies are so colorful and beautiful.