Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Month End Review - March/April 2012

March 2012

It wasn't a bad month, but apparently at least in my mind, it wasn't a memorable one, because I forgot to do a review of what I made.  Since these are as much for my records as your amusement, I'll do my belated one now, and follow up with the current month.

March's sewing encompassed 7 projects and 13.5 yards of fabric.  The fabric count would have been higher except that I was given the fabric for the pirate shirt by the theater costumer. 

In March, I made the My Image long cardigan (which I like, but have only worn once); a drape neck top from an old issue of Ottobre (it was sewn just to sew something, and this is apparently a bad idea; I don't like it, it doesn't fit properly, and it's already gone); the muslin and the striped silk blouse for the VPLL 1912 Project (given to my friend, and she loves it); a new muslin of the Fatina dress for an upcoming project; the very pouffy pirate shirt (which premiered last Friday evening); and my favorite, the BWOF 5/08 #104 knit dress.

Wow, two muslins in a month.  The 1912 Project is teaching me patience, among other things.

April 2012

In April, there were only 6 projects but 14.0 yards left the building (not including the satin for the second pirate shirt).  Also, several of these projects are things I'm very happy with, which makes it even better. 

I made the V8633 poppy dress (destined to be a favorite, I can already tell); the second pirate shirt (which also made its debut this past  Friday); the VPLL 1912 Project mantle (all that ruched trim; I love it anyway); a pair of charcoal gray BWOF pants (which I've already worn twice); an embellished skirt made from the leftover gray fabric (jury's still out on this one); and last, but far from least, a shirt for Mario's 40th birthday made from a William Morris print.  He picked out the fabric, and I wish I'd bought enough for myself. 

Upcoming in May:  Another 1912 pattern, this time a skirt.  I'm going to adapt it to below-knee length; all the structural components are above the knee anyway, so while it won't look historically accurate in length, everything else will be correct.  I'm debating fabrics at the moment and will intro the project as soon as I make a choice.  

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