Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mojo Found

Let's all celebrate the return of my mojo, shall we?  It may not be a particularly auspicious return, but I'm sewing, and that's what matters.  And the world can always use more knit tops.

Part of my return to sewing is due to the fact that I got the AC installed in my workroom.  I don't use it except to cool the room so that it's bearable, but without it the room is truly unbearable - up to 20 degrees hotter than outside unbearable.  Even the cats don't want me to sew when it's like that.

Here's the patternreview for KS 3036:

Pattern Description: Misses' very close fitting pullover tops have short hemmed dolman sleeves. Views A, B and D have necklines finished with narrow hems. View A has round neckline, View B has scoop neckline, View C has cowl collar. View D has bias cut front and back with center front and back seams and boat neckline.

Pattern Sizing: KS sizes XS - XL. I made a medium because I didn't want it as close-fitting as they intended. This time.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes. KwikSew never has the most exciting line drawings, and actually their photography can be even worse. But this top has good bones, and that's really all you need to see.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very. They're almost non-existent, but so are the seams in this top. Shoulders, sides, hems, done.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? My TNT top pattern is KS 3338, which I've probably made 15 times by now. I liked the cut-on sleeves on this top, and I also thought the cowl version would be useful in my wardrobe.

Fabric Used:  Blue/black/gray zigzag jersey picked up (I think) at Jomar in Philadelphia. Either Jomar or Kashi, but if it was Kashi, I probably would have gotten 2 yards.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I don't like necklines that are just hemmed. Maybe it's because I don't have a serger, but I think bands look neater, so that's what I did. Plus it gave me a chance to use the brightest zigzag for contrast. I did hems for the sleeves and the bottom, and I even remembered to dig out the Steam-a-Seam so I didn't have to fight to make the hems not ripply. Yay me! for taking the time to do a simple knit top right. (It still took no time at all).

I had some fun with the print on this top - I tried hard to match the stripes on all sides, but wasn't thinking about the fact that they zigzagged and so at times couldn't meet exactly without pulling the fabric out of alignment. It worked well enough, and I like how it came together at the shoulder.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I can see this one becoming a staple in my wardrobe. It's simple enough to show off a great print, of which I have (too) many, and it takes so little time that you can knock it out in an afternoon. I think I'm going to lengthen it next and make a simple dress from it.

Conclusion: I don't know why, but every so often, I need to be reminded that I love KwikSew. This reminded me.

On the homefront, I spent some time today trying to locate a new hen for the backyard and I think I've got one lined up.  The husband said I could have one, but after saying that, he said he'd have to clear it with his wife.  I haven't heard from her yet, but I have a few other ideas if this one doesn't pan out.


Clio said...

Yay mojo! Sometimes a cute little knit top is the perfect route back to mojoville. Cute neck treatment! I agree on using a band rather than just turning under, even with my serger.

Andrea said...

Glad to hear your mojo is out and about. Knit tops are are always the little thing you can always use. Glad to hear it kick started your motor.

lhutch said...

How about a pattern number? Process of elimination leads me to 3036. Am I right?

velosews said...

Congratulations on your sewing mojo. Knit tops are a great way of celebrating this wonderful event.
But boy have you come up with a wonderful result.

Marty said...

I've had a hard time getting my mojo back since a knee replacement last year ended up with complications. Now, thanks to my awesome acupuncturist, I'm almost back to 100%!

I use exactly the same neckband treatment for my knit shirts! I think it makes them look much more professional.