Friday, August 31, 2012

As the Crow Flies

Don't worry, this isn't turning into an embroidery blog.  I'm still working on my boucle jacket, I just got hung up waiting for the zipper to arrive (because I can't order these things before I start sewing), and now that the zipper is here and installed, I have to face up to cutting into that chocolate charmeuse lining.  I'm not in the mood for dealing with slippery, but it has to be done.  I keep reminding myself how good it will feel when I wear it.

** Speaking of zippers, I ordered mine from Wawak, formerly Atlanta Thread.  They promise that your order will ship next day.  I didn't get a shipping email the next day, so I wondered  if maybe they weren't as good as AT was.  Two days after that, I get an email - my package had shipped.  Which wouldn't have been funny except I'd already received the box that day, opened it and gotten the zipper installed before the email arrived.  So anyone who's worried about the changeover, don't be.  Their emails may be slow, but shipping is not.

Long weekend ahead.  Quite a few chores planned, but the jacket will be complete by the end of it.  Check back then if you can't take any more embroidery.  :)

Best thing about it: it gives me something to do at lunchtime at work.  It's a nice head cleaner on a busy, stressful day to be able to take 15 or 20 minutes and stitch.  This particular piece is called Celtic Ravens, from the Urban Threads Celtic Majesty collection.

Except I'm calling them crows.  This piece was made as a gift.  The recipient has always considered seeing crows in pairs as a sign of good luck.  I'll be visiting her in October and I wanted to take a present.  Aside from the fact that she will appreciate a handmade gift (how often does that happen, really?) I thought this would be something special that she could put up in the house.  I made it as a wall hanging as opposed to a pillow or something because she has 3 dogs, a few cats and a farm, so anything on the wall is bound to last longer.

The other reason I'm doing so much embroidery is I'm going to be teaching a class at the local arts league this fall, and I'd rather not feel like Marge Simpson, trying to stay one class ahead of her students.  I'm trying to re-teach myself what I've forgotten, learn some new stuff and just become comfortable again with a needle in my hand.  The outline work on this piece was a combination of back stitch and split stitch, both of which I can move really quickly at now.  The fill-in work is chain stitch, which I really like for less than solid (i.e., not satin stitch) fill, except for when I miss the loop bringing the needle back down and the whole damn chain unravels behind me.

Judging by tone, you know that's happened more than once.  But less often, these days.

Jacket by Monday.  I promise.

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