Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sewing and Swearing

So I've decided how to deal with my lack of motivation.  I'm going to ignore it, along with the fact that it's still summer, and start sewing for fall.  This won't solve the temperature problem in the workroom, but unless it gets particularly hellish in there, I'm pretending it's October.

That matter being decided, I picked a fall project and jumped in.  Of all the jackets I've ever made (and there are many, jackets being one of my favorite things to sew), BWOF 8/06 #108 is oneof my absolute favorites.  Of course, the August 2006 issue may be the best Burda magazine of all time, but that's just my opinion.

I've made #108 before in muted green/blue plaid that I bought on vacation in Florence, but I wear it so often, and like the fit so and style so much, I'm making it again, this time in a vibrant orange/gold/brown boucle bought a year or two ago from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Boucle.  Lovely stuff, if it doesn't drive you crazy.

This is driving me a bit crazy.  There are threads and shreds and fuzzies everywhere, even with block fusing interfacing to the fabric.  Everywhere.  I'm afraid to look in the machine.

Between its unwillingness to hold its shape and the jellylike consistency of the chocolate silk charmeuse I'm using for a lining, interfacing and the zipper will be the only things holding this jacket in shape.  But they will be enough.  I always think that fabrics like this will end up looking like one big mushball, and somehow they know to pull themselves together and become a structured garment.  Don't ask me how they know; maybe they're just afraid that if they don't cooperate they're going to join all those loose threads and shreds in the waste basket.

(Never happen, but the fabric doesn't have to know that).


luckylibbet said...

My motto - Suo ergo maledicto - I sew, therefore I swear. In my case, like a drunk sailor.

Clio said...

LOL - I'm still finding boucles dustbunnies in the Craft Lounge 18 months after finishing a coat! But that is some beautiful Octoberish fabric! I applaud your mindset!

melissa said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but I can't look at that boucle without seeing a scratchy 1970s couch! I hope it's nicer in real life, maybe the camera caught its bad side...

Oh and you're totally not alone on loving that Burda issue, I named it The Best Burda Ever a few years ago! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a boucle skirt I need to alter(take in)and a smaller size I bought for the fabric to make a matching vest .Your post reminded me of this project in my laundry list of projects..Sounds lie underlining may be a good idea for me too.
Jennifer bookwyrmsmith

pella said...

Lovely fabric!