Tuesday, September 18, 2012


No, this isn't V1250.  What gave it away?

It's Butterick 5544, one of their Wearing History patterns (though the envelope and website give you no clue as to what exact era of history it is you're wearing).

This is the time of year I generally do theater sewing, but I turned it down this year, thinking (erroneously) that I might be busy with my embroidery class.  Turns out it was a good thing I did.  An actress friend, the one I usually make costumes for, is in a different company's play this year and the costume she got wasn't going to work.

She needed a nightgown and dressing gown, circa 1850.  Since it's close to deadline, she found a nightgown online, and I'm making the dressing gown.  The pattern pictured here isn't exactly historically accurate, but on the other hand, it no longer looks exactly like the drawing anyway.

I've made the bodice a tad more fitted and lengthened it so that the seam lands on her bottom rib, rather than just below the bust.  Instead of lovely white cotton with quilted contrast, the bodice, sleeve and front and hem bands are maroon velvet, and the gathered skirt is matching maroon satin.  I have a yard of 3/8" cording for the waistband and we're experimenting with several options for the center front closure.

Oh, right.  It no longer overlaps and closes with a cutesy ribbon flower.  I've cut it at center front and it's closed with either a frog or a flower, both of which were home dec pieces, much more suited to something this substantial.

Deadline is Sunday, so I'll be sewing like a fiend and covering the sewing room with velvet fuzz.  No kitties allowed until the velvet is under control and off the table.  This will make for cranky kitties.

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velosews said...

All the best to you getting this robe finished. What a rush!!