Thursday, October 25, 2012

So much to do

Vintage hat with pheasant feathers
So much to do, so little time, even less interest.  There's been so much going on lately, what with work, my aunt, Max and random other things that I've really been neglecting the workroom.

I have sewing projects stacking up like planes waiting to land on a rainy day, but almost none of the projects are calling to me.  Which doesn't mean they don't need doing, I just need to get a little discipline, sit down in the workroom for a few hours and start knocking this stuff out.

What needs doing:  the Burda turtleneck - I need solid colors, and I have chocolate brown, teal and a nice mid-range green that would work.  Once they're cut, they take no time at all.  An evening's work for all 3. 

My TNT work pants in a nice deep brown plaid with faint lines of teal and green.  Would work with all 3 non-existent but planned turtlenecks, a few of my sweaters and the fabric is pre-washed and bagged with the pattern.  This also would take no more than an evening to complete.

Ivory linen picture hat
Flannel pajama pants.  I know, boring, but I have the flannel and my only remaining pair has developed holes that are no longer fixable.  Besides, there's no fluff left to the flannel.  It's time.  I hate sewing elastic, so I'm pretending that's why I'm putting these off, but actually it's because they're boring (although necessary).

Casual stuff for around the house.  I bought 4 yards of a wonderful heathered gray jersey at PR Weekend in NYC.  From Kashi, of course.  I need comfy, easy pieces to wear around because my other stuff has all been worn out in the garden.  And looks it.  Must replace.  A few evenings work, nothing complicated. 

And of course, the craft show is just around the corner.  You would think that avoidance of craft show items would make me start sewing for me, or even possibly sewing for Mario, but he has more shirts now than he has closet space, and oh, right, I still haven't started in on his jeans, although I have at least located the fabric and all the notions and thread that I need.

Anybody got any mojo they're not using?

** Photos from my Etsy shop; blatant advertising, perhaps, but also - how do you illustrate a lack of sewing?


The Slapdash Sewist said...

"I have sewing projects stacking up like planes waiting to land on a rainy day."

One of the best lines ever! Hope you're doing ok during Sandy.

Lorinda said...

I am afraid my sewing mojo has been so low that I actually participated in October - Knitting Month instead of doing any sewing. Good luck with finding your mojo.