Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bear Factory

The most popular items by far at the recent craft fair were the tweed teddy bears.

The photo here shows me close to the end of the day, but by 5:00 when we shut down, all I had left were two small ones and the big (display) bear sitting on top.

There's another show coming up in mid-June, and the potential for one in May, the day before Mother's Day, so I decided I needed to get cracking on some more little critters.

Which of course means that next sale, something else will be totally popular and I'll go home with a box of bears, but they'll go eventually - they're cute, not too expensive and very cuddly.  Who could say no, at least for long?

I've got 8 of them in progress right now.  What you see piled up there on the table (yes, sharing the table with Lily the Sewing Room Cat) are 8 bodies, 16 arms and 16 legs.  Somewhere in the room is a bag containing 16 ears, and in a ziploc bag on my desk are 16 black button eyes.

After that photo was taken, I added labels to their bums, and embroidered their noses and mouth.

Hopefully before bed tonight I'll get to add ears and eyes, though at this point, I'm not too hopeful - just realized it's nearly 11:00.  Somehow I lost an hour or two this evening.  I'll make it back tomorrow; no playing in the garden when I should be sewing!

More later.

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