Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bears are up

What are they talking about?

My recycled tweed teddy bears were the biggest selling item at the recent craft fair.

So successful, in fact, that I had to come home and make a bunch more - I didn't see the point of listing the 3 remaining bears on Etsy, though I probably should have.  They aren't doing me or anybody any good just sitting around.

Now that there are a dozen on the living room bookshelf, looking down at me and supervising my typing here, I thought it was time to get them down, get them photographed and put them out there for the rest of the world to see.

Shall we dance?  Or are they plotting?
 Not all the bears are dressed yet - I've had some requests for girl bears, so they can have either ruffled collars from plaid flannel or a gathered lace collar with a ribbon bow.

Personally, I like the boys.  There's just something about a bear in a bow tie.  Very serious looking, aren't they?

Bears are now listed in the shop, with separate listings by color.  Due to the limitations on some of the fabrics, there are 5 tan herringbone, one black and white, 2 dark brown, one medium brown and 2 gray.

With more to come.

Family gathering
And there are more animals in the arsenal, I just wanted to get a decent collection of one before I started in on something else - that's always my downfall, starting something, then getting another bright idea and going on to the next thing before I've finished the first.  I'm trying to do this the right way, which means that my desk and my worktable are covered in notes and fabric samples for the other ideas I've had that I haven't let myself work on.



Very soon.

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