Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial day

My new baby
is about more than cookouts.  It's a time for remembering those who have given their lives in service of this country so that the rest of us can stay safely at home, grousing about who is or isn't cooking the burgers.

And also sewing.

I am in no way not taking the day seriously when I say that this weekend, I am also remembering sewing machines past, as my current Singer is slowly and painfully grinding to a halt.  I've ordered her replacement and it will hopefully be here within the week: my new baby, Brother CS6000i.

I hope to get the Singer serviced enough so that she can be an adequate backup machine, but right now her buttonhole function has completely failed and I've got 3 toddler dresses standing by with buttonholes that need doing.  I put snaps on my last few dresses, as a design choice (and because I was refusing to admit that the Singer wasn't acting right). That has to stop.

Sewing today was working on a new series of "summer" bears.  Photos soon.  At least they don't need buttonholes.

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