Monday, May 27, 2013

Tropical Bears

Aside from the minor fact that I'm having trouble sourcing tweed in May, I thought that my bears deserved a little vacation.

Going by this Lilly Pulitzer-style print, I'd say they're off to Florida.

Two 14" high jointed bears in turquoise, green and white floral print.  Available here.

The bears actually came from the dress pictured here - a friend picked it up at what we in Philadelphia lovingly call "Penn Christmas," when the students leave town and strew their possessions far and wide, because it's easier to trash them than either take them home or donate them.

I consider it a donation.  Washed up, it was just dandy, other than the broken zipper which was probably the reason it was ditched in the first place.

Next up:  I have an orange, hot pink and green floral jacket that wants to become the companion pair to these.

Where would those bears be going?  Brazil, maybe?

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