Monday, June 10, 2013

A little something

that I probably didn't need, but Ebay can still, sometimes, be dangerous.  I'm a lot more specific about what I look for these days -- remember the good old days when Ebay was young and postage was cheaper and you could lose hours looking for stuff you didn't need but couldn't resist for that price and then two days later it was on your doorstep?

Yeah, this wasn't one of those purchases.  But I do miss them.

Craft show is this Saturday.  One of the least successful parts of my display last time was the double clothesline where I displayed my dresses.  It was cute, but it was a bear to get the stakes into the ground (rain notwithstanding) and the constant breeze made them flap so much they weren't really visible.

This show is on concrete, so the clothesline isn't an option.  I considered mannequins, but didn't think I could afford them.  (And the thrift store down the street doesn't have any, or I would have asked to borrow them for a day or two).  I debated making my own, basically cutout plywood paperdolls, but I can't find my sander and time's getting too short to cut, sand and paint, especially since it doesn't plan to stop raining until at least Thursday.

Then tonight on Ebay I found these.  They're practically perfect - toddler size, fit 1-4T clothes, on a stand, one black, one white.  They also had "flesh" color, but (a) not everyone's flesh is that color and I don't want to offend a potential customer, and (b) my tablecloths, bunting and signage are all more or less black and white, so I thought one mannequin in each color would be perfect and do nothing to get in the way of the colorful clothes.

The hard part:  I paid for expedited shipping.  They'll be here Friday.  If I'd thought a little more in advance, they would have shipped for almost half that price.  But it's still better than waiting for paint to dry, and finding out on Saturday morning that it hasn't.

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