Monday, June 17, 2013

(Almost) No Regrets

As I said, the craft show went well.  I sold a few of my embroidered pillow covers, including the one pictured here.

Have you ever sold or given away something and regretted it?  I don't completely regret it -- it went to a good friend who was buying a gift for a good friend of hers -- but I had a real soft spot for this piece.  It's so eye-catching, but that's all it's done since its creation.  It's caught eye after eye, but no one has wanted to take it home.

I think I got used to having it around.

The pillow covers aren't really practical for me to do; since the embroidery takes so long, I really can't charge for as much time as some of these pieces are worth.  But I love to do it, and I would do it anyway, and then I would just have a house covered in random embroidered motifs.  So I continue to make them, and then I edge them in whatever coordinating/clashing fabrics feel right to me.  They're priced for the time it takes to turn them into pillow covers.

Maybe that's impractical, but I don't really care.  Like I said, I'd make them anyway.

And I think I might be making another bird skull sometime soon.

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