Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's Black and White

Can you handle another dress?

I almost can't by now, but this one came out of nowhere.  I was tidying up the workroom (which was somewhat of a pit due to my trying to get ready for the show and just generally not picking up after myself, and I happened upon a pair of black and white gingham pants (Ralph Lauren, stained, but very nice) and a black and white cafe print sundress.

These were not purchased together, and last time I saw them, they weren't in the same part of the room.  Do these things migrate when I'm not looking?

Anyways, they insisted on being dealt with right then and there.  Insisted, I tell you.

Since the sundress had piped seams, I couldn't get any really wide pieces from it, so I decided to play with the two prints and alternate them.

The bodice is constructed from the gingham, and the alternating skirt panels are gingham and cafe print.

Because I love my stash of vintage rickrack, I added a wide red waistband and bright red buttons down the back.  Facings are solid black, for contrast and so as not to waste any of the "good" fabric, which will have other uses.

One last red button at the front neckline finishes.

I'm happy with the result, though I'm still not sure where it came from.

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