Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting to Know You

New bears on Etsy.  
Sorry for the radio silence, but my new Brother and I have been getting acquainted.

Due to the heat, I've been staying out of the workroom during the later part of the day (west-facing windows let in so much heat that it can defeat the air conditioner when it's particularly hot).   This doesn't mean I haven't been sewing, just not as much and not as late.

Yesterday I broke open the box and read the manual.  Or most of it, anyway.  This is new for me, but I'm used to Singer and I figured Brother might have a few quirks that I should be warned about.

Which it does, but nothing too unusual.  The bobbin gets loaded in the opposite direction from the Singer.  The automatic needle threader actually works - or did, on the second try.  The needle stays down when the machine stops, unless I reset it to stay up.  Choice is good.  

The buttonhole function is good.  After a few test runs, I put buttonholes on all the pieces I'd had waiting, and they all came out fine.  I could love this machine just for that reason.  

But honestly, back to the manual.  I think if they left out all the "notes," "memos" and "cautions," it would be about 4 pages long.  I worked for lawyers for 30 years, I know people do stupid things and then sue because they got hurt doing stupid things, but on every single page there is at least one mention of "could cause injury." 

Yes, I know if I put my fingers too close to the needle, it could cause injury.  I've done it; it does.  And you know what?  I slapped a bandaid on that puppy and got back to sewing.  

I'll have something to show you soon, I think I'm going to take a glass of wine in there and do some more acquainting myself.  Brother needs to understand about wine and sewing.  And that it doesn't, as a rule, cause injury.


SEWN said...

LOVE the new fabric for the bears!

Sew Oklahoma Savvy said...

Wine and gummie bears are my sewing necessities.

Linda T said...

such cute bears~

Journeyin' Lady... said...

Enjoy your new Brother! Hope it isn't too much of a challenge getting accustomed to a new machine. I have had my Elna for SO many years and can't imagine sewing with any other!