Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pillows and More Pillows

Some of these have been well on their way to completion for some time - you may remember the Tree of Life motif from over a month back.

Yep, it took me that long to complete.  Don't know why, because when I got in the workroom on Monday to start the piecework for these four pieces, time just flew by and before I knew it, they were done.

The tree and turquoise butterfly pillows have a slightly more constructed patchwork, but for some reason the squared-off pattern just felt right for these.

The pink and orange butterflies were so bright on their own that they really didn't need much accompaniment.  I had an orange remnant (that shirt must be in at least 5 different projects by now), a piece of Hawaiian shirting from a co-worker's vacation and some hot pink scrubs fabric.  The colors are a little "hot" for my decor, but I know they'll appeal to someone.

For some reason, butterflies were on my mind when I made this recent lot of motifs - I've done the single butterfly and dragonfly before, and both have sold, so I decided to repeat the designs and change up the colors.

I kept with the summer colors for the single butterfly - turquoise, lime green and a vintage remnant with a turquoise and green fruit print.  Solid turquoise for the back, because I had a piece in my fabric stash that coordinated.

The butterfly was done in backstitch on this pillow; I generally use chain stitch, which gives a more solid appearance, but this one felt lighter, because of the colors, so I used an airier stitch.

In some respects, the dragonfly may be my favorite.  He's purple, first of all, and while that's not my favorite color, I love the excess it lends itself to - and the patchwork on this one makes me happy because it's so asymmetric and spiky.

The fabrics here are classic green and eggplant purple scrubs, with some class added by a remnant of Liberty of London's "Strawberry Thief" print designed by William Morris.

These pillows, and more, available here.

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