Thursday, August 15, 2013

Next up

Coming soon, another Go West Craft Fest on September 7, 2013.  This will take place once again in Woodland Cemetery, which is a really great venue for an event like this - despite being a historic (and still active) cemetery beyond, there is plenty of open space at the front where vendors can set up, performances can take place and vendors can sell their food.

I've been sewing like crazy trying to build up stock for this one - I have a new range of bears, which seem to sell better at shows than online; my new Knit Critters, which are soft and safe stuffed animals for babies (no button eyes or moving parts), and I'm trying to finish off a few more dresses.

There are sufficient embroidered pieces, which sell far less frequently but with great enthusiasm when they're found by the right person.  The potholders come and go (first two shows quite well, last show none at all).

I'm looking forward to shows closer to the holiday season as I have quite a pile of stockings ready.  Bring on Christmas!

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