Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday with Friends: Gaia's Reflections

This week's featured artist is Michelle Tulumello, the talented creator behind the Etsy shop Gaias Reflections.

Michelle began making jewelry while staying at home with her young children, but her skill says this is something that will remain with her long after the kids have grown up.

We're on the same RecycleParty team on Etsy, and Michelle is dedicated to recycling, repurposing and re-using anything she can get her hands on.

This is from her shop announcement on Etsy:  "I am not afraid of new mediums, and being an artist at heart, I am always experimenting. Much of my experimentation results from my desire to avoid wasting materials and make effective use of every scrap. I try to use as many environmentally friendly and repurposed objects as I can, and I also focus on making my work durable and wearable, because it is better to buy a one of a kind thing you really love than 5 cheaply made things that will fall apart or break."

Amen, my crafting sister.  And please, keep making beautiful things.

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