Sunday, September 29, 2013

A little upcycling

So this is an Etsy shop/craft show piece, but I was so pleased with it I had to share it over here as well.

I got my hands on a vintage quilt recently, with the intent of making a few stockings out of it.  There was significant damage to some portions of the quilt, but when I spread it out, I found quite a few areas with no damage at all, or just minimal discoloration that could be covered by something . . .

Like a pocket.

I made a similar bag a while back from some quilt scraps I'd gotten at a sidewalk sale, but I'm even happier with this one.  The colors are really fresh considering the quilt's age (I think it's 1930s - 1940s by the prints and some of the damage), and the batting is still fluffy.  When I cut into the quilt, I could see that the batting was wool, and uneven in areas, so it may have come straight from the sheep, who knows?  I know Depression-era housewives certainly didn't head off to their local JoAnn's to pick up batting-in-a-bag.

The bag is made from the quilt, with two pockets from a pair of retired jeans, the waistband from the same pair of jeans, and a bit from the leg to make the inside panel.  Pink cotton print lining, a few pink flowers and it's ready for a new life.

Listing can be found here.

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