Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fun at the roller derby

Yesterday was the season opener at the Penn Jersey Roller Derby - something which, until recently, I didn't even know Philadelphia had.

I also didn't know they had craft vendors, but they do.  Not a lot, but I think it's a recent development since they've been working on the warehouse where the roller derby is held.

Now I watched roller derby as a kid (it came on right before wrestling), but I never understood the rules.

I still don't, but I still like watching it.

Philly's roller derby also has something I didn't know existed - mixed teams.  There are the standard teams made up of all women, but there were also mixed male/female teams, which was fun to watch.  I think the women kicked more butt than the guys, actually.

My favorite part is the names -- Swiss Mischief, Misfortune Cookie, Beater Griffin . . . I think my favorite was the guy who called himself "General Tso Fine."  I give extra points for clever, what can I say?

On the actual crafting front, it wasn't a fabulous day -- only four items sold, but I had fun, I gave out a lot of business cards and I met another Philly crafter who I've seen at several shows.  I think I'll give the roller derby another shot.  My October is pretty booked, but there's a November game which fits the calendar.  And it's on that slippery slope to Christmas, so here's hoping!

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