Friday, October 4, 2013

Cat Tales: Annie

This is Annie.

Annie doesn't get a lot of publicity among the cats - she's not a sewing room cat, like Lily, or an annoying pain-in-the-ass who visits the sewing room, like Katie.

She's certainly no Max.

Most of the time, she's a target for all the other cats.  She's the kid in the middle of the back seat yelling, "Mom, she's touching me!" even before it happens, which of course means she's going to get walloped.

Annie walks up to the other cats and stares at them, and when they stare back, she starts to wail like she's being beaten.  And then she is.  Usually by an 8 pound, declawed cat (Lily), while Annie is a good 15 pounds and fully armed.

Her safe place is smack in between me and Mario, wherever we happen to be - chairs, couch, bed.  Doesn't matter.  Turn your head, and there's Annie, purring like a machine and trying not to anticipate the next beatdown by one of her siblings.


Kyle said...

Are you going to do a series of posts about each of your cats? Because I think that would be really fun!

gMarie said...

Oh poor Annie - I hope the other cats don't beat her too badly. Kinda glad she doesn't know she can fight back. g

edj3 said...

I have an Annie, only her name is Chloe and one of the two boy kitties I have tends to bully her. Although to be honest, sometimes she starts it (just like your kitty?).