Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day of the Dead Kitty Finds a New Home

Last week, my Day of the Dead Kitty pillow cover was purchased by a dear online friend, Maria Wulf, whose blog Full Moon Fiber Art, chronicles her journey as a talented fiber artist.

I was really touched that Maria would want to buy a piece of my work -- she makes wonderful things herself -- but I was also thrilled because I know how it feels to be touched by something and want it for your own.

Maria and her husband, Jon Katz, had some bad news these last couple of days.  Their barn cat, Minnie, had a run-in with an animal, possibly a raccoon, and had to have one of her legs amputated.

Maria posted on her blog today that my pillow cover arrived just in time.  She's spread it over the cage where Minnie will be living for the next 10 days, added a few crystals that she found recently, and is calling it "Minnie's Altar."

Whatever your beliefs, I think that's a lovely thing to do.  Doing something positive and beautiful instead of worrying and feeling negative; Minnie will get better all the quicker for having someone who cares enough to make something beautiful to help her get well.  Check out Maria's post on Minnie's altar here.

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