Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cat Tales: Katie

This is Katie.

She's sulking in this photo.  I don't remember why - probably I just threw her off a table, a bookcase, the cable box or another cat.

Katie's the troublemaker in the house.  From every one I've met, all calicos are nuts, and Katie's no exception.

She invited herself in from the back yard by making me laugh so hard I had to sit down on the ground.  She jumped up on my work table and right into a flower box, which happened not to be filled with flowers, but with water from a recent rainstorm, and it startled her so much she fell over and off the table and the water fell on her.  And I fell down laughing, brought her in to dry off and she's never stopped being that messy or that much trouble since.

She's angling to be the official sewing room cat, but Lily's not handing over her crown just yet.


Kris C. said...

What a cutie! I have a calico myself, and I'd have to agree - they are kind of crazy!

Elaray said...

That's a great picture. Katie looks really annoyed with you!

Jenny said...

Cats - they are so mischevious and sweet at the same time. My boys are just as nuts! She's such a pretty cat

Obat Anemia Alami said...

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Vicki said...

Our cat is a calico too (BTW, I have never heard of calico before - I thought it was a tortoise shell). And she is crazy!

Erzulimojo said...

I completely agree about calicos! Ours, Moppet, was totally neurotic and never could relax. She had a ginger sister (Ottoline) -- same litter -- who was mellow as could be, so it had to be that three-way coat. Is it true that only females can be calicos?