Monday, October 14, 2013

Two Custom Dresses

One of the best things that happened back in August, at the craft show that got rained out, was Ron.  He approached my booth, looked at my girls' dresses and shook his head.  "I've got nieces," he said, "but I don't know their sizes.  I'm afraid I'll buy the wrong thing."

Now I hate letting a potential sale get away, but even less do I like selling and knowing that the item possibly won't get used, and having an unhappy customer to boot.  I gave him a business card and asked him to contact me when he knew their sizes and we could work something out.

Miracle of miracles, a few weeks ago, he called me.  He knew the girls' sizes then - and good thing he didn't buy before, because nothing I had that day would have fit them - and he an idea of what he wanted.  I suggested that he look at my Etsy shop for ideas on styles and then let me know what he liked, and what colors he thought would work.

When we next spoke, he had very definite ideas.  His older niece, size 6, liked pink and purple and all things ruffly girly.  His younger niece, size 3, liked green and blue, and was more of a tomboy, although she still liked dresses.

Good enough.  I knew from the beginning what fabric I wanted to use for the girly dress.  I had a shirt I'd been given years ago that I liked, but which never fit me properly.  The buttons gaped in the front, never any woman's best look.  The fabric was a detailed geometric floral in pink, purple and brown.  I cut it up, constructed the simple shift-style dress he requested, and faced the interior with a tiny brown polka dot.  Then I embellished the neckline with three poly chiffon roses.

The smaller dress took longer, but went together easily all the same.  He liked the jumper-style dress with an applique that I had done in a print/denim combo, so I remade that with a Liberty of London remnant on the top, a gathered denim skirt and an appliqued owl made from Liberty and some of the brown spotted fabric from the sister dress.  Button eyes, a beak and buttons up the back and it was done.

 Last night, I was trying to clean up the workroom and I realized I had some bits left over of that pink / purple floral.  Before I knew what hit me, I had grabbed a heart-printed scrubs top, took it apart and constructed yet another dress, this time with accents of the floral print and another chiffon rose front and center.  The tiny pockets are mainly for accent, but I thought the hearts needed a little breaking up.

So two custom dresses out the door, and one more for the shop.  And barely enough remnants now to save for patchwork, but save them I will.

Someday, someone will want pink and purple . . .

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