Friday, November 8, 2013

Cat Tales: Ozzie

This is Ozzie.

Ozzie was actually born in the house. I picked up his mom, Sabrina, off the front porch and had intended to pass her along to a friend after getting her initial vet checkup.  I thought she looked a little bit pregnant, and passed that info along to the vet.  Vet said that would be no problem, just to bring her in. That was on Saturday; her appointment was for Monday.

On Sunday, she gave birth to one kitten, Ozzie.  Being very young herself, she didn't much know what to do with him.  She sat on his head a lot, and left him on the wrong side of the room until he cried.

We ended up bottle feeding him and keeping him clean, and Sabrina moved on earlier than expected to her new home because she just got in the way of kitten care.

Baby Ozzie
Ozzie's not the brightest of cats; I think she did some damage with all that head-sitting.  He sits with his head cocked quite often, like he's trying to understand what's going on but it just doesn't make any sense.  He's a big boy, but gentle as they come and scared of his own shadow.

He spends a lot of time with Archie in the front room.  My two big boys, sitting in the front window and watching the neighborhood go by.  Ozzie, despite his meekness with us, is a ferocious guard kitty and freaks out and howls and throws himself at the window when an outside cat dares to approach the porch.  Of course, if there wasn't glass or a screen between him and that other cat, he'd probably wet himself with terror.


Little Hunting Creek said...

What a sweetie-he sounds like my Harry. Harry is big scaredy cat, not the brightest boy, but very lovable.

Linda T said...

AWW, thanks for taking in so many (what would otherwise be homeless) Kitties.

Sarah C said...

Aww...he looks like my Amadeus. So sweet!

MarcyF said...

Oh, poor sweet baby. Glad you've given him a safe and loving home. What a sweetie.

Kyle said...

He is a handsome cat!