Sunday, November 17, 2013

Get your Christmas shopping done early

Gifts in the Galleries took place on Friday and Saturday in an exhibition space at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology.  It's a great big beautiful space, full of huge windows and light and tile floors that echo everywhere.

There were 50 vendors, side-by-side down a long gallery, through another big light-filled room and then onto a third room with a stage at the end where live music was performed throughout the two day event.  There was a table of sandwiches and snacks, and even a small bar.  (Shopping with beer -- something to be highly encouraged, as long as they don't spill!)

Though it was very well publicized, and got a lot of press, it wasn't well attended.

On the other hand, it seemed like most of the attendees stopped at my table.  Quite a few of them even bought something!

It was hard in the beginning of this, doing sales and talking to the public, but I've gotten more comfortable with it.  I spend so much time alone with my sewing machine, it's really gotten to be fun to interact with people and watch them react to my work, hear their comments and suggestions.  I've gotten quite a few ideas from talking to people at shows, so I always listen (and sometimes eavesdrop).

My newest item, the recycled sweater mittens, were the hit of the show.  I only had 6 pair, and I sold 2 on the first day.  On Saturday, the last 4 pair were gone by noon.  When I got home on Friday evening, I cut out a few more pair, but then I fell asleep on the couch.  So much for good intentions.

I only have a few shows left before the holiday -- a two-week-long event at my local Arts League starting on December 6th; a one-day event on December 7th; and one more on December 14th.  Right now I think I'm good on most of my pieces, but I'm going to make a big pile of mittens and a few more knit critters to get me through the shows to come.

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