Monday, December 9, 2013

I will (and did) survive

My table at the Philly Free School -
the sale was held in the school cafeteria
So . . . the weekend.  Office work Friday, a brief appearance at a holiday party (how many law firms invite their temp receptionist to come out and party; I had to go), then the opening of my local craft show at the University City Arts League.  It was raining something awful, so attendance was really sparse, but I got to see a few people I knew and also got to wrap and bag two of my knit critters that were leaving the show to become Christmas gifts for two little girls.

Saturday's show at the Philly Free School was the first time the event was held, so it was a little hit or miss, but again, I had a pretty good day.  It seems the shows where other vendors complain about sales and attendance are the days I do really well.  Go figure.

Me with my Traveling Wares
I especially appreciated the little boy with cold hands who talked his mom into buying a pair of my mittens and who came back later (not wearing them).  When I asked why, he said his hands had gotten too warm, and he was back to tell me his mom said thank you, because he was always complaining about being cold.  Then he added, offhand, "Of course, thanks from me, too."  No, thank you.  It isn't often I get feedback from a customer, especially in real time.

Saturday night was another appearance at the Arts League, this time a little busier, the weather being cold but at least dry.

On Sunday, I had time to have brunch with my good and patient husband, who acts as driver, loader/unloader and general saint-about-town for my endeavors.  It was cold and clear, and it looked like the weathermen, who had predicted flurries, might be wrong.

The South Street Bridge is out there somewhere
Hah.  Were they ever.  The photo at left is what it looked like when we started the 15 minute drive from our house to Dirty Frank's, the bar where the first Traveling Wares show was to be held.  45 minutes later, I hauled my bins into the bar and set up in a booth.  Half the vendors hadn't made it yet, nor most of the crowd.  I got to sit with a beer and watch the Eagles game (I'm not a big football fan, and haven't watched the Eagles since they took on Michael Vick, but I do love watching overpaid men finally earn their salaries by sliding face first in slush).

Though the event never totally picked up, I did okay -- four stockings, a pair of gloves and a knit critter (sold to a Philadelphia writer who I've read for years).  I also traded a stocking for a totally cool pincushion doll (she's filled with emery sand and I'll post a pic of her as soon as I get unpacked -- I love her).

My favorite customer at Dirty Frank's -
I love dog-friendly bars.
Now, other than a cashier shift at the Arts League, I'm down until Saturday.  Which is good, because I'm getting low on critters.  Now it's time to start cutting up the upper parts of those sweaters whose lower parts became mittens.

I can't even describe what my house looks like right now.

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