Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm tired already

I took another temp job last week, for the two days before the Thanksgiving holiday and this entire week.  I knew it wasn't the brightest of ideas, but it's heating season, and I like to be warm.  I also like to pay my bills on time, I'm that kind of girl.

It was not the brightest of ideas.  Let me say that again.  Not. At. All.

Wednesday evening, I load in for my neighborhood arts league's two-week resident craft show.  Which means I have to split my inventory, make inventory sheets and put price stickers on everything.  (Generally at craft shows I have signs with prices, which means I don't have to remove stickers or tags from merchandise when I bag, but since I won't be there during much of this show, pricing has to be obvious and easy for the cashier to find).  I managed to write out my inventory list today at the office, but of course I didn't have the actual form with me, so I have to rewrite it tomorrow.  Bah.

Friday is the show's opening night for arts league members only.  Saturday morning is another show, the Philly Free School Superfantastic Craft Bazaar, from 11-5.  This is the first year for the show, but it's run by an organizer I've dealt with before, so I'm expecting a decent crowd.  Saturday evening is the second opening night at the arts league, this one for the public.

Sunday.  What to say about Sunday?  Well, I signed up for something called Traveling Wares, which is a group of crafters who set up to sell at bars around Center City Philadelphia.  They've been doing it since 1991, and I want in on the fun.  Sunday from 2-7 is Dirty Frank's at 13th and Pine.  I've drunk there.  I've been drunk there in my time.  This is a whole different view of a bar.

And Monday?  Monday I'm not getting out of bed.


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