Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My sewing assistant appears to be recovered, but she has a follow-up appointment at her regular vet tomorrow to address various things - the infection, whether or not she is fully recovered, and the fact that she's lost some weight since her last visit to the ER.  I think a good bit of the weight loss is age-related (she's also arthritic, so I'm sure a little less weight on the joints doesn't bother her).  Fun times.

In sewing-related news, I took some time away from the business to make a shirt for my husband.  I haven't made one for him in a while - he's got at least 15 I've made for him over the years, and they don't wear out quickly enough for me to replace them as often as I'd like.  I actually find shirtmaking relaxing in an odd way - after doing a load of production sewing, it's strangely calming and forces me to focus on details instead of doing repetitive seams, very quickly.

We were at my favorite local shop, Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet, on 4th Street.  I needed to buy some grosgrain ribbon for my bears and he found a shirting/quilting cotton that he liked.  He thought it looked like the design from a Gustav Klimt painting, and after a little online rummaging around, I found the picture he was thinking of, which is inserted in the middle of the collage photo here.  He's got a good eye.

The shirt is made from KwikSew 3422, my favorite men's shirt pattern.  Gold cotton accent fabric for collar band, undersides of cuffs and sleeve placket.  Gold metal shirt buttons.

Fancy man.  I have a fancy man.  And I like it that way.  :)

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