Friday, February 7, 2014

Recycling and Remnants

I've been trying to neaten up my workroom lately.  This isn't easy for me - in addition to my natural packrat tendencies, I'm a world-class slob - but when the scraps and bits of fabric start to cover the cutting mat to the point where I end up using only a corner, it's time.

The small scraps get chucked out.  The larger ones go in a bag that will be heading to H&M one of these days for their fabric and clothing recycling program.  The big chunks get put away for other purposes.

The striped fabric here was left over from a long-sleeved t-shirt I made for myself back in the fall.  I meant to make a short-sleeve version with the leftovers, but then I saw photos of myself in the shirt and reconsidered.  It doesn't look bad in the mirror, but in photos, the lines blurred, making it look all gray and squishy, and making me look rather gray and squishy in it.  Not any 50-year-old's best look.

So, what to do with the leftovers?

I combined them with an extra-large black t-shirt I'd been gifted at a volunteer event, and turned them into this rag scarf.  Basically it's 5 layers of cotton jersey, narrow to wide, stitched down the middle and then cut into fringe.  The striped fabric is the middle layer on each side.

It's not my usual work, or for that matter, my usual taste, but I like it.  I only have the one for now, but I think I'll throw it around my neck and wear it to Sunday's show, just to get some feedback on it.

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