Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bon Voyage

Barcelona's man-made beach
Wow, that crept up on me!  Today was the busy day - finding the European electrical adapter, unearthing the guidebook I bought a while back and forgot to look at, gathering the euros a friend picked up for us, doing laundry (why were all the clothes Mario wanted to take in the wash?), making sure there were enough cat and chicken supplies to keep bodies and souls together for the next week.

Gaudi lizard in the Parc Guell
All that taken care of, we got ourselves packed, made dinner, drank a couple of glasses of restorative wine (can't leave it to waste away in the fridge, right?) and now we're just winding down.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at dinner time, but we're taking the day to sleep in, try to shift our internal clocks a little toward that five-hour difference awaiting us.  A big late breakfast at the local diner, a few quick errands and then off to the airport.  We've checked in online already (the best travel invention ever in my opinion; anything that reduces time spent in lines at the airport is fine by me), and I think we're all together.

I doubt I'll be posting to the blog from Barcelona - our apartment does have wifi, but I'll only have my phone with me, and I hope I'm too exhausted by food and wine and sightseeing and, oh, walking on the beach in the sunshine to write anything.

La Rambla - near our apartment
There will be many, many photos on my return.

And yes, for those who know me well, I do have a list of fabric stores and flea markets. Who do you think I am, anyway?


Summer Flies said...

Bon voyage indeed! Have a great trip. Barcelona is fantastic. Of course you'll be too tired, full, busy etc to blog. Enjoy!

SewRuthie said...

We had a great time in Barcelona - enjoy!

sewingkm said...

Travelling to Barcelona in early May so I'm anxious to hear about your fabric finds. Karen in Houston

ailsa-g said...

Have a wonderful holiday - I've been there and loved it!

DawnSSL said...

Wow how exciting! Wishing you much fun and safety..

Vicki said...

lucky you! have fun.

Rosie said...

Have fun! Enjoy the tapas and cava! I'll be there again in May.