Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Not your average baby gift

Yes, my sewing room walls are that color.
But then again, this baby doesn't have your average father.

One of my dearest friends is expecting his second child very soon.  Very, very soon, despite what the doctor claims the due date actually is.  And dad is a huge Star Wars geek.  His cats are named Luke, Leia and Mace (Mace started out as Yoda but grew to such panther-size that the name no longer fit).

And the baby, which is a boy, is going to be Lucas.  As in George.  As in Luke.  Except they've decided to change it up a bit and spell it "Luc," just to be different.  Personally, I think the kid will change it back just as soon as he's old enough to realize there's an alternate spelling, but either way, as soon as I found out the name, I knew what I wanted to make for the Star Wars themed nursery.

(Their first child was a girl, and he had very little input on the decor that time.  This time around, I think his wife knew it was a lost cause and just let him have free reign to put Wookies in rockers and Death Stars on the nursery wall).

This will also go on the nursery wall, possibly tonight.


badmomgoodmom said...

Love it!

Kris C. said...

Ridiculously awesome!

kms handmade said...

Awesome! We did a Father's Day card with a similar theme one year. My hubby is a huge SW fan too. Have your friend check out Jen and her husband just made an AT-AT rocking "horse!" It's crazy awesome!

Valerie said...

Epic win! Great job!

Nancy said...

Really cute.