Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Who can sew when the back yard smells of lilacs?
This week has been busy, and will continue to be.  Today is my first day off, and I intended much sewing to occur.

At the recent show on Boathouse Row, I sold out of recycled sweater elephants.  I think people can sense they're a pain to make, because they always go first.  Every time.  So whether I feel like making them or not, I need to make more.

I've gotten as far as choosing the sweaters.

First, I needed to do laundry.  And my dryer is broken, and I don't want to pay to fix it right now. Conveniently, I have a local friend whose washer is broken, so we've taken to laundering together once a week and trading machines.  It gives us an excuse to have coffee one morning a week, which is always nice.
Bottom to top: sorrel, basil, spinach starts

Then I ran out of detergent.  I've been planning to make some for a while (I've had the supplies since before the holidays), so I did that.  Then I finished a crockpot meal that's been in the making since last night, and had to take carrot peels out to the chicken and potato peels to the composter.  Which meant, for some reason, that I had to finally empty the tub of completed compost and then turn all the half-done tubs (3 of them).

Which meant that I then had to go and plant my spinach starts, water them and the lettuce, pull a few weeds, check on my seedlings (nothing yet), and then run inside for a completed baby dress, run back out and take pictures -- which have turned out too bright, due to that lovely 3:00 p.m. sunshine -- and now I'm at the computer.

Mario will be home from work before I know it, and no sewing will have occurred at all.  But at least dinner will be ready, and there's a big bucket of soon-to-be-detergent in the kitchen as well.

** In response to a question as to why I don't air/line dry my clothes, sometimes I do.  The problem is that the yard isn't that large, and when the plants get larger, there is no room on the paths for my drying racks.  Add to that the neighborhood kids, who have no compunction about climbing the fence and ditching my clothes into the dirt, and air-drying turns into something that only happens when I can be in the back yard (or at least on the first floor) to supervise the effort.  Some drying does take place in the basement, but it's just not the same.


Pattyskypants said...

There will be time for sewing when it rains. One question: why don't you let the sun and air dry your laundry?

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I think you're a pioneer woman reincarnated! Cause seriously you make your own detergent?!? You have a garden, chickens, and you sell your crafts...either a pioneer woman or a Proverbs 31 chick!!!