Friday, April 25, 2014

No Sewing Again Today

Grape hyacinth is blooming!
My procrastination continues apace, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.  What can I say?  The elephants will either get done for Sunday or they won't.  People will find something they like if they want to buy.

I, on the other hand, had more digging to do.

Yesterday, the office where I'm temping gave me a $25 gift card for secretary's day.  It was much appreciated.  In some instances, $25 doesn't get you very far, but in veggie and herb starts at the garden supply store, you go home with a nice box load of goodies.

Everything is in the ground and I'm taking a breather pre-shower and theater this evening.  I got two San Marzano tomatoes (even though plum tomatoes always get blossom end rot in my yard; hope springs eternal), one frying pepper, one cucumber, a four-pack of purple kale, a fennel, three different lavenders and a eucalyptus, which I didn't know could grow in my zone.  Apparently it can, and between the lavenders, the eucalyptus, the lilac and the last of the hyacinths, the garden smells heavenly.

Teaser -- the roses haven't happened yet
Really pleased that, thanks to the chicken and her leavings, there's enough completed compost this early in the year that not only can I use it in planting holes, but I can mulch all the pots with it and still have barely made a dent.  Last year I remember being stingy with it because I didn't want to run out.  That's not happening this year!

The worst thing about putting off sewing by working in the garden is that digging in the dirt makes me feel so calm and benevolent that I can't even work up any stress about my sewing procrastination.


Linda T said...

I've been planting my garden the last few cathartic...and backbreaking, but worth it. I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow!

RhondaBuss said...

We don't dare plant outdoors until May 1st. Enjoy your planting, you can always sew

Pattyskypants said...

It rained before we could finish mowing, so no gardening happened -- only sewing!