Saturday, June 21, 2014

Getting Ready

I've got a show tomorrow, and instead of just assuming I had it all together and getting there tomorrow to realize I'd forgotten something -- again -- today I pulled everything out of the tubs and laid it out all over the dining room so I could actually see what I had.

That's the entire inventory right now. The table holds bears, stuffed animals and the new flat stuffed animals, a box of felt flower hair clips (otherwise known as bait for little girls), and a stack of potholders.

The tub on the floor is full of fringed t-shirt scarves, the chair has some bags (quilt hobo/wristlet and clutch), and the chair back has the embroidered pillow covers.  The other chair back is holding all the dresses.

And now looking at it, I really need to get a tablecloth instead of using that old sheet on the dining room table.  I just got a new/old table from my sister-in-law and I'm trying to keep it from getting scratched, so that's just a temporary fix.

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