Sunday, June 22, 2014

Late to the Party

Remember back in January, I mentioned that I was making a top for my friend, Maria Wulf, for her birthday, and that she would be sending me one of her wall hangings for my birthday?

Yeah, well, the gift exchange actually did happen.  She got her top, and I got her wall hanging, and now, finally, months after the fact, I've remembered to write about it.

The problem is my workroom is a total hole right now, and there's very little visible wall space.  I tried this in two different spots, neither of which showed it to advantage, and finally pinned it to one of the curtains simply to keep it clean and out of the way while I decided on the best place for it.

You know what, finding the "best place" is like using the "good stuff."  Sometimes you just have to decide to do it.

Yesterday I put the hanging up on the back of the door.  It's a white background, it's high enough to be away from the cats, and I can see it from the machine.  Works for me.

Maria made this to my somewhat inexact specifications.  I said that while I have a lot of cats, I generally don't like cat kitsch.  I have enough of the real ones that I don't need cat knicknacks.  But this was sort of for Lily.  She's the sewing room kitty, and I know she won't be around forever, though hopefully she'll hang on for a few more years at least.  So I said that if she had any cats in her collection of vintage appliques, one for Lily would be good.  I also said there were no color or print restrictions whatsoever -- I've never met a color or a print I don't like, and usually in combination.

With that for guidelines, I think she did a stellar job, don't you?

We stopped and visited with Maria last weekend when we were in NY for the goat workshop, and even though it was only a brief visit, it was great to talk to another fiber-oriented person about her obsessions, fabric and trim collection, pet her new sewing machine and see all of her current projects.

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