Monday, June 2, 2014

Saving Marilyn

I had a show last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day; there were tons of people on the street; very little money changed hands other than at the face-painting table.

Normally I try not to shop while I'm working.  I certainly don't let myself buy anything before I've made enough money to cover my table fee.

But sometimes, fabric intervenes.

The vendor at the next table was selling clothing -- both her own work and boxes of used clothes in front of her table.  All the used items were priced at $3 each.  When she first put the boxes out, I saw fabric with faces on it -- a weakness of mine -- and I tried to ignore it.

After a few customers had pawed through the boxes, the fabric was nearer the top, and I could see that the face was Marilyn Monroe.

I gave up trying to ignore Marilyn, and went to see what the fabric was.  Turns out it was a pair of stretch jeans, size 2 petite, in excellent but tiny condition.  I told the vendor if no one purchased them by the end of the day, they were mine.

Then, as I sat there watching the crowds go by, making to-do lists for the workroom and the garden, I realized I was drawing bag designs incorporating the Marilyn fabric.  Really?

Really.  I had to buy them.  Anyone who is a size 2 petite doesn't need Marilyn Monroe jeans to make even more adorable.  I'm sorry if that's sizeist, but there you have it.  I made the world safe from Marilyn jeans, and tonight I took scissors to them.

Watch this space.


Kris C. said...

That is simply hilarious! Will be eagerly watching to see what you did with them....

Marjie said...

Sizeist. That's just funny.

Andrea said...

Can't wait to see what you do w/the Marilyn and Madonna fabric