Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is it only Tuesday?

So, how's that office job thing working out?  Okay, I guess, when I can keep my eyes open to think about it.

I worked Wednesday through Friday last week, did a load of finish work and prep on Saturday, and then on Sunday I set up in South Philadelphia for the annual Bang! Boom! Craft! event, which is done in conjunction with a vintage car show.

It's a really busy event, and the crowds were fun, positive and in the mood to shop.  Which was good, because setup was at 9:30 a.m., and we shut down close to 5:00 p.m.  Add to that weather in the low 90s and a constant threat of thunderstorms, and I could have been folded up like a dishrag and packed up with my stuffed animals.

This was the event that we got rained out of last year, so when the rain never arrived, we all decided to put up with sweating; it could have been so much worse.

I added a few new bits to the display this time -- the chalkboard in front of the table is so much easier than putting out individual signs, and stickers and tags don't always hold up to repeated handling.

Though there were people who complimented me on the board and then turned around and asked the price of something.  Really.

It was a good day, but Monday . . .  now that was a rough morning.

You know you're getting old when an 8 hour day at the craft show makes you feel like you have a hangover, and you spend the first half of the workday alternately sucking down coffee and trying to not fall asleep in your chair.

A friend said something to me recently that makes me feel better about this job.  "The best thing about temp jobs is that they're temporary."   Yes, they are.  And this too shall pass.

I promise I'll have the last of the Downton posts up by the end of the week.  I can't believe I derailed myself like this.


giannahorse said...

I sure know what your friend means. I temped for a few years while I worked on a documentary [which took 5 yrs to complete]. I am so glad I could jump in and out of those jobs. Really mind-sucking but helped pay the bills during that time.

giannahorse said...

BTW your booth looks good. Ii used to do a booth on the Pow Wow circuit each summer. My partner and I had a booth for Native Am issues many weekends. Wee had a great time - kind of like carnys - setting up, music, food, dancing, bonding with other vendors - then onto another town/state the next time. Miss those years.