Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Overbook Much?

Lily says, "Hello," and "Mummy's not home enough to suit me."  (Lily has
a British accent, at least in my head, if anyone needs to know that).
Don't worry, we will return to Downton Abbey -- I still have to edit the last, most excessive photos.  The evening wear, my dears.  The beads.  The lace.  The colors!

But for now, a small gripe.  Directed mostly at myself.  Those are really the only productive gripes anyway; you can't do anything about anyone else, but if you piss yourself off, there's a chance you can fix it.  Or not, and just slog through the rat's maze you've made.

I started work today on an eight-week temp job.  I thought it was only six weeks, but apparently the person I'm covering for is having a C-section, so she gets an extra two weeks of recovery time.  One co-worker intimated she's having the C-section deliberately to get the extra time, but I can't imagine the time is worth the recovery.  But then again, I've never had kids by either method, so what do I know?

So.  Eight weeks, five days a week.  Indoors, with no sewing machine and far too much climate control.

And my schedule, aside from the office job, looks like this for the end of July and the first two weeks of August:

Sunday, 7/27 - all day craft show in South Philadelphia.

Friday, 8/1 - First Friday, selling on the street.  I took off for this because I'll (hopefully) make more out there than indoors.  Last time, I made money and ended up on TV!

Saturday, 8/2 - informal outdoor craft show at the Rotunda in West Philly, in conjunction with a DIY skillshare event; family event in NJ afterward.

Sunday, 8/3 - first group sewing lesson.

Wednesday, 8/6 - Make Do & Mend class at the Department of Making and Doing, West Philadelphia.

Saturday, 8/9 - neighborhood craft show and/or getting my hair cut.

Sunday, 8/10 - second group sewing lesson.

Tuesday, 8/12 - group embroidery lesson at children's history camp.

Thursday, 8/14 - group embroidery lesson #2.

Saturday, 8/16 - flea market / craft fair in Clark Park, West Philadelphia

Sunday, 8/17 - I'm not getting out of bed unless and until there's a third sewing lesson, which would be scheduled for the afternoon.

Question for anyone who might be listening (since apparently I am not).  WHAT WAS I THINKING??

By the way, if any of that listed insanity intrigues you, the times and locations of all events are under the Calendar of Events tab above.


Lyndle said...

Haha! Yes, busy. But there are so many fun and/or lucrative things to do it's hard to say no, right?
Here's a highly applicable saying I heard for the first time today: Even a pin uses its head to know when to stop!

RhondaBuss said...

It won't last forever, so just try to find the good in it all and enjoy whatever comes your way. I bet something wonderful is brewing. I have a good feeling :)