Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When Bears Attack

I've been on a bear-making roll lately.  I did a batch last week, then one for the custom order, and then another batch.

Aside from having craft shows almost every weekend of the summer, I dropped off batches at two local stores who do consignment.  Consignment isn't always my favorite -- obviously I'd rather get paid every cent of what my work brings in -- but on the other hand, it gets my work into areas where I can't always be, I don't have to be there selling it, and it makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere that shops want to carry my work.

In other words, I made 15 bears and got to keep 5.  So now I need to make more bears.

The ones pictured here are recent favorites.  I didn't send any of these to stores because I feel like they need the personal explanation from me to go with them -- they're made from the remains of a vintage feedsack quilt and really aren't meant to be played with.  They're either for display or for an older child, who understands what fragile means.  But I love how they turned out, the faded colors and the slightly blocky shape the quilting gives them.

They're probably among the most photogenic bears I've done to date.


badmomgoodmom said...

These are fantastic. I hope you sell them for $$$.

RhondaBuss said...

I love how these turned out too! I have some quilts that are beyond the repair stage, but were made by family members, so this is a great way to preserve them. Thanks so much for sharing these :)

RhondaBuss said...

You might want to think about putting some of these in your Etsy shop. Forgive me if you have. The thought just came to me and I added the comment without looking.

Vicki said...

They are so cute!