Monday, August 18, 2014

Quilt Accompli

I can't believe it's done.

Last Thursday, before my second embroidery class, I managed to get the three layers of the quilt together, and I pin-marked the measurements where the tacking would go.  I still had a little time left before I had to leave, so I got out the big needle and the yarn and started in.

I've never been a fan of tied quilts -- to me, quilts are quilted.  Or so I thought.  Having done a tied one now and gotten it done in about 20 minutes (okay, it's only 30" x 30", but still), I think I'm a convert.

If you're a quilter, I can still see the point of quilting.  But if what you're doing is really about the piecing, or the fabric art you've created, and you don't want to quilt, then I say grab some yarn and have at it.

Especially for a baby, or for the display piece that I kind of assume this is going to be, I think tying a quilt is just dandy.

In other words, I look at the photo of the finished product (which in actuality is in a box making its way to Ohio), and I realize that I wouldn't be done more than a few inches of it by now if I'd quilted it by machine.  Let's not even discuss hand quilting.

And as an aside, the yarn I used was off-white because I couldn't find a purple, lavender or pale gray that matched.  It's not that bright from the front in real life; the camera always brings out the one thing you'd like to conceal.

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Laura said...

So far, I think that's my favorite Teddy Bear. The quilt turned out great and I'm pretty sure the baby will like the satiny parts.