Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Parade

Luau puppy
Last Saturday was the Passyunk Fall Fest, a combined craft show, costume parade for kids and dogs, and all around fun day out in South Philly.

Although the kids' costumes can be cute (though how can there be that many girls who want to be Elsa?  I counted at least 35), the dogs are my favorite.

Dogs have little enough dignity to start with.  Once you dress them up, it's over.

There was a white French bulldog in a pink tutu, but I didn't get a photo.  I think he was too embarrassed; every time I raised the camera, he slunk behind something.  Other dogs weren't so modest (or perhaps self-aware).

Edward Scissorhands

My favorite kid costume was the brilliant version of Edward Scissorhands, complete with gloves that rattled and clanked every time he tried to move.  But he wouldn't pose for his picture without them -- or without the Tootsiepop lodged firmly in one cheek.

It was a good day, sales-wise, but even better after several days of rain, it was bright blue and sunny and breezy.  A perfect day to spend outside.

The family that costumes together . . .

Everybody Loves Lucy
Dino Dog

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