Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby, it's COLD inside!

I know the weather is not news.

Wait, actually it is news.  It's almost the only thing on the news anymore.   

But really, is it?  We're supposed to be surprised that it's cold in February?  Snowing, in February?

That being said, it's fucking cold this year in February.  I just heard that Philadelphia hasn't been this cold in 100 years, which means that if the servants who spent time in my house's kitchen 100 years ago had had a thermometer on the wall like I do, it would probably read even less than the 48 degrees that it is in my photo.

I do at least have central heat in the house, though it rarely seems to reach the back brick wall between the kitchen and the completely uninsulated shed (which is cold enough to keep food frozen, and where the cranky microwave lives and is forced to heave itself  to loud and complaining life every time I need to warm up the chicken's water and food).

The chicken is managing.  She's not happy about the weather, and she's not laying, but that's okay -- her eggs would freeze solid in about an hour and I would hate to waste them.  I've got the light on 24/7 to keep the temperature up a little in there, and the whole coop is covered in tarps and old storm windows (to keep out wind but let in light).  She survived last year's polar vortex with a lot more snow, so I don't think she'll be going to Freezer Camp this year.

I, however, very well might.   


Digs said...

It's called "global warming": mwahahahahah. Seriously - I've a background in geochronology and this past 15 years' worth of climate handwringing leaves me....cold. Not to worry, spring will show up in 6 weeks or so. She always does. And summer will be glorious. Just wait and see. :)

Pattyskypants said...

I think it's perspective. The older you are, the easier it is to remember colder/hotter/wetter/snowier years. You just haven't lived through very many cycles yet.

Marjie said...

Yeah. When your garage doors freeze closed so there is no possibility of getting out, it's just freakin' freezing. Come on, spring, we are ready!

kms handmade said...

I didn't know you were in Philly. I just got stuck there over the weekend, trying to get to Boston. Boston got more snow, but Philly was coooooooold. Like I felt the inside of my face freezing. Make warm things! :)